The shrub-like evergreen skinny tree grows in full sun where it grows to between 6 and 10 ft.

'Sky Pencil' is a female cultivar that needs a male pollinator in order to produce fruit.

Many new cultivars are being bred for bluer color, variegation, and more feathery foliage. Jan 16, 2019 · Ninebark.

Grown for well over a hundred years and a dependable rock garden favourite, this tough and slow growing gem features foliage crowded into a dense globe.

Note the number of hours of sunshine the position receives as the seasons change; Consider the ultimate height and spread of the shrub as well as rate of growth; Assess the microclimate of your garden and choose suitable plants.

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8 – 3 m) tall and less than 3 ft. It makes a tough privacy screen or windscreen that is salt tolerant and grows best in full sun. .

Perovskia (Russian sage) ‘Blue Spire’. The twisted blue green needles make a beautiful backdrop for shades of silver or purple leaved plants.


Acid-loving or ericaceous shrubs grow best in a pH range of 4-6, and ideally pH 5-5.

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Check Here. Wear gloves and other protective equipment when handling.

7cm (2in to 5in).
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Prune the shrub according to your personal preferences.

Perfect for borders or containers.


Some of the most useful and versatile shrubs, berberis are hardy, reliable and easy to grow. Taxus are small evergreen trees or large shrubs of rounded habit, with dense, linear leaves, insignificant flowers and, on female plants, conspicuous fleshy red arils surrounding the solitary seeds. .

Joseph Strauch. Dec 17, 2021 · Upright plants are great for adding height and interest to your beds, borders and containers. . . Its slender columnar form grows with a half open canopy that remains narrow into maturity.

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Hibiscus syriacus 'Purple Pillar' Rose of Sharon. By type.

Ideal for planting in USDA zones 5 to 8, the evergreen sky pencil holly grows 6 to 10 ft.



Featuring sharp, pointy leaves and bright red berries, this is the type of holly most commonly associated with the holidays.